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Learn how to import maps and access points from Aruba Central.

Hamina Network Planner includes integration with Aruba Central, which can be used to import maps and access points (including model, name, MAC, serial) into Hamina Network Planner. Then, you can add walls, attenuating objects, and scope zones to simulate the current network configuration in a predictive model.

Exporting to Aruba Central is not yet supported due to limitations of Aruba Central API. You can track the status of the issue on the Hamina feedback page.

Generating an API Access Token

  1. Log into Aruba Central and select Organization from the side menu.

  1. Select the Platform Integration tab.

  1. Under the API Gateway section, select Rest API.

  1. Select the My Apps & Tokens tab.

  1. Select Add Apps & Tokens.

  1. Click the Generate button to confirm creating a new token.

  1. Find the token you created in the Token List, and click the Download Token link.

  1. From the window that opens, copy the value of the access_token field. In the example below, the access token is 1uA87rI5QgI4otIlGh9sqUt8CMACb6A4.

  "access_token": "1uA87rI5QgI4otIlGh9sqUt8CMACb6A4",
  "appname": "nms",
  "authenticated_userid": "user@hamina.com",
  "created_at": 1701695769497,
  "credential_id": "7d8bc788-55ca-42c5-9477-6319fa07e737",
  "expires_in": 7200,
  "id": "9b7973ae-7de8-49d8-8ca5-ba610d08d5fb",
  "refresh_token": "IaJ4iWO16SAM1Ib4CCMZUE1EdvLGlWZ1",
  "scope": "all",
  "token_type": "bearer"

Due to a limitation in Aruba Central, the access token is only valid for two hours. A new access token needs to be generated after the token expires.

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