Frequently asked questions about Hamina Network Planner.

My organization manually allowlists URLs. Which ones do we need to unblock for Hamina to work properly?

To ensure Hamina functions correctly within your organization, certain URLs will need to be unblocked. The list of these URLs is provided below. If you still have trouble accessing Hamina after unblocking these URLs, please contact us at support@hamina.com.

US Instance

  • https://us.hamina.com

  • https://login.us.hamina.com

  • https://sthaminasigninprodus1.blob.core.windows.net

  • https://sthaminapubassetsprodus1.blob.core.windows.net

EU Instance

  • https://eu.hamina.com

  • https://login.eu.hamina.com

  • https://sthaminasigninprodeu1.blob.core.windows.net

  • https://sthaminapubassetsprodeu1.blob.core.windows.net


Video and image resources:

  • https://sthaminaglobalassets.blob.core.windows.net

Application health and analytics:

  • https://o1234513.ingest.sentry.io

  • https://www.googletagmanager.com

  • https://*.google-analytics.com


  • https://fonts.googleapis.com

  • https://fonts.gstatic.com

My organization allowlists IP-addresses in vendor APIs. Which IP-addresses do I need to allow in order to get Hamina vendor integrations to work?

To ensure that Hamina can connect to vendor APIs, the IP addresses listed below need to be allowlisted. If you still have trouble using Hamina vendor integrations after allowing these IP addresses, please contact us at support@hamina.com.

US instance




EU instance






There are black artifacts all over my heatmaps. What's going on?

Hamina Network Planner takes full advantage of your 3D graphics accelerator to draw heatmaps. As a result, support for hardware acceleration must be enabled in your browser.

These instructions are for Google Chrome, but the process of enabling hardware acceleration is very similar in most browsers.

  1. In the upper right corner of your browser, click on the hamburger (three dot) menu.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. The Settings tab will appear. Towards the bottom of the Settings menu on the left, select System.

  4. Enable Use graphics acceleration when available.

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