🌲Juniper Mist

Learn how to import and export maps, access point locations, and access point settings to and from Juniper Mist.

Hamina Network Planner includes integration with Juniper Mist, which can be used for both Import and Export purposes.

The Import function will bring the map, scale, and access points (including model, name, MAC, serial, transmit power, channel, and channel width settings) into Hamina Network Planner. Then, you can add walls, attenuating objects, and scope zones to simulate the current Juniper Mist network configuration in a predictive model.

The Export function rapidly deploys a new site, or updates an existing site directly from Hamina Network Planner. This removes the need for any repeat map-based deployment work - all of the mapping work is automatically copied directly from Hamina Network Planner.

Generating an API Token

  1. Log into manage.mist.com.

  2. Select your Organization.

  3. In the toolbar on the left, select Organization > Settings.

  4. Scroll down to the API Token section, and click Create Token.

  5. Name the token, then click Generate Token and then copy the token that appears in the Key field.

Import From Juniper Mist to Hamina

  1. In Hamina Network Planner, navigate to the Import page.

  2. Select your Region, paste in the key, and click the Continue button.

  3. Select the Organization and Site that you wish to import, and place a check mark next to any floor plans you wish to include in the import. Click the Import button.

  4. Add relevant walls, attenuating objects, and scope zones. You can now see what your current Juniper Mist configuration looks like, inside a predictive model.

Exporting from Hamina to Juniper Mist

Using the Export function in Hamina, you can deploy a network to Juniper Mist including the background map and AP locations.

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