↔️Switching and Cabling

Add switches to calculate PoE, port, and cabling requirements

To add a network switch, select Network infrastructure under the Network section on the left.

The Add Network Infrastructure pane will open on the right.

Select the applicable Type of network equipment from the drop down.

Optional: Customize the name, number of ports, and power budget for the device.

Click on the map at the desired location to place the specified wired network equipment.

To view power and port usage info, select one of the wired network infrastructure devices on the floorplan. The usage info will be show on the right.

To view power, port, and cabling details for the network click on Power & Cabling Details.

This will provide a detailed power, port, & cabling report for the entire network infrastructure.

Renumbering Switches

The process for renumbering switches is identical and uses the same function as renumbering access points.

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